Friday, August 12, 2011

The Most Ridiculous Captcha I've Ever Seen

This is going to be a completely off-topic post, but I felt it had to be blogged about.

So there I was, innocently sharing a link on Facebook when..

BLAM!  I was faced with this.  Whatever, I've filled out tons of captcha's before, right?  But wait, what the heck is that in the second "word"?  n→∞?  Was I seeing it wrong?  I was going to hit "try different words" but then a colleague made it a thing by challenging me to successfully enter it.  So as you can see, after a quick romp through the ol' character map and a google search for alt codes, I managed to pull it off.. although sans subscript.  But!

It actually took it.  It actually wanted me to enter n→∞.  Seriously?  They expect the average Facebook user to take the time out of their day to figure that out?  Anyway, I figured it was wacky enough to warrant sharing. :)

Has anyone else ever seen anything particularly odd in a captcha?  Feel free to share in a comment. :)


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