Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bit of War Dev Entry

Howdy all!

We've been hard at work getting back on track with the Bit of War project following our move.  We've been going through the old to do list and taking care of bugs here and there - but to really get the project back on the road to completion, The Timm (our story writer) and I had a two hour video conference last night to discuss the specific style and content of the final story cinemas.. and guess who showed up to give his opinion?

So it went pretty quickly after that - he had some good ideas, we didn't feel inclined to argue.  We decided to revisit our original concept for the cinemas - using existing God of War art remastered as 8-bit - to instead go with in-game assets.  This allows more freedom to create the scenes we want to, as we don't have to go hunting for God of War art that matches the scenes we're looking to create.  It will also result in a lot more seamless transition from gameplay to cinema.

What also came out of this meeting was that there is a lot of spriting and background art yet to create for these scenes, which means I'll be cooling off my left brain and relying more heavily on my right brain for some artwork over the next few weeks.   The Timm will be focused on the final story edits and building the actual cinema screens with his story and the assets I create.

During this time, we'll throw some samples up here for all to enjoy, so stay tuned! :)  In the meantime, you can actually check out some more of The Timm's writing in a Live Writing experiment he's doing - so click here to go read his new novel day-by-day as it's being written!

.. and raise your hand if you didn't know Kratos was near-sighted!  Yah, me neither.


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