Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bit of War Delayed

Well, unless you're a pudgy plumber who just found a beanstalk in a block in level 4-2 and climbed up above the clouds, it can't all be blue skies and sunshine.

With that in mind we have a spot of bad news, which is that unfortunately we have had to delay the release of Bit of War.  I know all of our loyal followers have been anxiously (but patiently) waiting for this game to drop, and we thank you all tons for that!  However, our recent move and renovations (much of which I did solo.. and it was glorious, you should've seen me go!) took longer than expected and it was only in the past couple of weeks that we had the time and office resources back to a state where we could get anything done.

It's been a crazy summer for us but the silver lining is that all of that is behind us and we're now more well equipped and organized than ever!  All systems are go once again on Bit of War - as well as Pixel Whirled iOS and one other soon-to-be-named project that we've been keeping up our collective sleeves ;)  So there's plenty for you all to look forward to in the near future!

For now we'll be putting a "late fall/early winter" timestamp on the release of Bit of War.  When we have a more specific date, we'll post it right here in this blog.  And hey - it wouldn't really be a God of War game without massive delays, would it? ;)  It just means it will be that much more awesome when it sees the light of day.

Thanks to everyone for your patience, understanding and continued support!


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