Monday, February 7, 2011

Hurdle Turtle - Level Pack # 1 First Look!

With the release of Hurdle Turtle - Level Pack # 1 drawing nigh (it's in the final peer review phase, so approximately a couple of weeks until it's available!) we thought it time to share the first screenshots, official description and cover art with everyone.  Check them out below - you can click the images for the full-sized versions.  Enjoy!


The fastest turtle in the world is back for more zany 8-bit arcade action in 3 all new levels! Join him and his new pal Pirate Turtle as they race to a banging chiptune soundtrack composed by Octapus! This companion to the original game can also be enjoyed as a standalone title.

Cover Art:



We hope that's given you something to look forward to!  Which level do you find looks the most fun to play?  What type of levels would you like to see in the future?  Are you psyched that Pirate Turtle made it into the game, or were you rooting for one of the other turtles?  Let us know in a comment!



  1. I like that one too, very happy with how the moon turned out. But my personal favorite is the giant's desk. :) Thanks for the feedback!

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