Friday, February 18, 2011

Hurdle Turtle iOS Free For A Day Contest!

Mark your calendars!  Tomorrow, Feb 19th 2011, Hurdle Turtle will be free on the App Store for one day only, thanks to and the support of our fans!

That's right, free!  And even more exciting (or so we like to think) is that we are having a special contest to coincide with this event!  If Hurdle Turtle makes it onto the top 50 app list while it's free, we'll be giving away Hurdle Turtle Prize Packs full of super sweet swag to some of our lucky fans!

The Prize Packs will include original signed handdrawn artwork based on Hurdle Turtle, as well as some other awesome surprises!

Here's how to enter (it's easy!):

Thanks for playing and enjoy the free game!!  We love giving away free swag, so let's make this happen!


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