Monday, June 20, 2011

Bit of War - Music Contest!

Hi everyone!

If you've been following us, you know that we've been working like fiends on an 8-bit God of War demake, currently titled Bit of War. Well, it's getting fairly close to completion and we're starting our hunt for the perfect soundtrack. Already set to feature a track by the incomparable Aaron Walz of Walz Music, we thought we'd make it interesting and host a little contest to find the other perfect tunes!

- To enter, create an 8-bit version of the following music from God of War III:

- Your 8-bit version could be the full piece, or a smaller loop of the important bits - it's up to you. However, it should be awesome.
- Send the finished .mp3 file to anytime between now and 11:59pm EST June 30th, 2011. That's 10 days, for those counting!

Winning!* (the important bit): If you are chosen as the winner, the winning .mp3 will be featured in the menu of the final game. Full credit will be given to the winner as the game circulates like a virus across the internet. Women will likely throw themselves at you**. More importantly, you will gain the opportunity to create more music to be featured in the game!

For more information on Bit of War, please click the appropriate link under "What We Got Goin' On!" on the right.


*Despite the fact that you are winning, tiger blood will not be provided.
**Holmade Games makes no guarantee that women will throw themselves at you.

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  1. Well, I don't think anyone can compete with ME! ;)

    j/k :)