Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hurdle Turtle!

We have a surprise game announcement for you today with Hurdle Turtle, our latest Xbox Live Indie Game which is currently going through the final playtest/review phase before it is released on the Xbox Live Marketplace in the next few weeks.  Check out the official game summary, box art and screenshots below!  Trailer coming soon!

Summary:  "Slow and steady wins the race?" That's for chumps! For this turtle, it's all about pure speed and sweet spin jumps! Compete in the ultimate hurdle challenge solo, or take it on with a buddy for some intense multiplayer action in this survival marathon of madness! Modeled after the games of yesteryear, this is the second entry in the Holmade Games 8-Bit Series.



  1. My money is on the girl turtle! :)

  2. Just downloaded this game. It's freakin' awesome. Just the hardest part of Battletoads with a turtle skin, but it's cute, clever and well worth the $1 you need to download it. Perfect type of game for the DS or the iPhone as well.

  3. I got the trial and quickly paid the modest $1 for the full version. This is a great little game and is an example of the great work some people are doing with the Xbox Live indie games project. Thanks for making it, my friends and I just love it!

    The soundtrack is the icing on the cake, too. Incredible! This game is just pure fun for anyone with a short-attention span or anyone who still enjoys retro-gaming. My hat is off to you.


    - Aaron