Sunday, May 9, 2010

Contest Winner / Prizes Revealed!

The results are in!

Below you'll find the smiling face of Joshua Laviolette, the big winner in our Pixel Whirled screenshot contest!  Joshua braved the unspeakable horrors of the 2nd Quest, stared frustration right in the eyes and rose victorious, with a final score of 2620, and a hiscore of 5550!  Congratulations, Joshua!

Click the pics for the full version!

Now, I suppose you'd like to know what you've won, hmm Josh?  Well, here's the list of prizes that will be arriving at your doorstep:
  1. One Pixel Whirled baseball cap! (Pics below)
  2. Two zipper pulls - one pirate, one ninja.  These can also be used as keychains!
  3. A custom Pixel Whirled faceplate for your Xbox 360! 

    Congratulations once again to our winner, and thanks to everyone that has played our game and/or entered the contest!  Stay tuned for more exciting contests and games from Holmade Games!


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