Monday, February 8, 2010

Bit of War Dev Entry

Using the images I extracted yesterday, I finished up Kratos' movement. I also created the doors that lead to the building interiors in level 1 and those that lead to level 2 (which is currently just a placeholder level until we fully flesh out the story progression).

It all needs some tightening up, so that's next - but not before I have some fun drawing and coding the BLADES! OH YAAAAH!!!

*ahem.* I'm aiming for a castlevania-esque implementation, but we'll see where it goes.

The other fun thing I tried today was to take the original MIDI music and run it through a program I found called GXSCC.  It's basically a music tracking/authoring app, but it also allows you to convert MIDIs to Famicom  (NES) chiptunes.  Very cool little app, worked like a charm so now I can use the music I wanted to, but still make it sound like a classic NES title.  (Pending permission from the musician, of course).

As for the story, The Timm's got it all mapped out, but we're going to wait to finalize it until after we've both played through God of War 3 to make sure it still fits in the timeline. Obviously, this will also affect the level progression I mentioned earlier.


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