Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pixel Whirled - Holm Stretch!

Woo! It's been a long road full of delays, distractions, and learning (don't worry, I also had a ton of fun along the way!) but we're almost there!

The next step in the development of PW360 is the integration of all the Xbox functions (Marketplace integration, etc). After that, I move on to ironing out a small list of bugs, then it's into the playtest phase!

Once it's in playtest, it gets about a week of stress testing from other members of the Creator's Club community. If anything comes out of that, I fix it up then throw it in the review phase - once it's confirmed by enough people that it doesn't crash, it's live on Xbox Live Marketplace!

I'm adding a screenshot or two here to tide you over till then...


Story Screen
A scene from World 1

A scene from World 2
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