Friday, December 11, 2015

Play Santa Goes Crazy on Newgrounds!

Buried in the Atari landfill for over 30 years and never before released, this Christmas themed game from the early days of Holmade Games is now playable for the first time!

(None of that is true, it's just a fun little tip of our hat to classic arcade games, which just go so well with memories of Christmas time in our minds.)


The North Pole cookie factory is out of control! It's up to Santa to save Christmas!
Avoid the cookies! Turn the tables by munching candy canes to go crazy and score points from eating cookies! But be careful, new cookies are always regenerating from the Cookie House!

Pro tip: Points double the more you eat in a row so GO CRAZY, SANTA!

No quarters required.  Click the picture to play now! :D


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