Sunday, October 27, 2013

Interesting Facts, Day 11: Name that Turtle!

Over time, we've had the extreme and often hilarious pleasure of watching scads of "Let's Play" Hurdle Turtle videos on Youtube.

They are always a blast, and in some cases, the players have even come up with some great names for the speedy green guy, a couple of our favorites being "Charles Barkley" and "Sanders".

With a sequel fast approaching, however, we thought it a good time to reveal that his name is, infact, Hurdle. :)  

But take heart!  Hurdle Turtle 2 has 3 other turtles - pink, blue and yellow - that remain nameless for now, so keep up the creative naming! :)

4 more days until Hurdle Turtle 2 releases on Xbox 360!


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