Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bit of War v1.10 Adds Gauntlet Mode!

Bit of War has been updated to version 1.10, bringing with it various small bug fixes and, more importantly, Gauntlet Mode!  Gauntlet Mode is a boss rush endurance round that sees you facing all boss fights and some other enemies in the game one after the other.  You will be given only one life, and whatever weapons you've earned in the main game to beat all bosses, and to try and beat your own best time!

Since Gauntlet mode reveals later bosses and enemies in the main game, we highly recommend you play through the main game first to avoid spoilers.  It will also be easier to set a best time once you have more weapons - but it's up to you!

Download the game here: http://bitofwar.holmadegames.com
If you've visited the site before, you may need to refresh your browser to see the latest version.

PLEASE NOTE: this version uses a different save file than version 1.00. Saves will not carry over.


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