Sunday, April 1, 2012

Announcing "Operation: Clown Drop"!

Update: Happy April Fool's!!

The latest fun-filled, family-friendly retro arcade hit from Holmade Games is Operation: Clown Drop!  How fast can your clown go?

Completely customizable, you can select from several famous dropping zones including the Grand Canyon, the CN Tower, or even the Empire State Building! Design your clown's colorful costume before sending him on an exciting adventure downwards!  Select from many unlockable clowns such as happy clown, sad clown, or creepy clown!

As the game progresses, earn coins from mid-air clown stunts to upgrade your clown and increase his terminal velocity!  Upgrades include pants payload, outfit wind resistance, and more!

Please Note:  All clowns in this game are trained professionals.  Please do not attempt to drop a clown at home.

Click here to check out the game's mini-site for more info:

Get ready to drop some clowns!


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