Friday, January 21, 2011

New Level Pack - Vote For Your Favorite Turtle!

We've mentioned this on our Twitter account before, but now we'd like to officially announce the existence of Hurdle Turtle - Level Pack # 1, which is on it's way very soon for the Xbox 360!  The game will contain 3 all new levels and a soundtrack composed by Octapus, the genius responsible for the awesome chiptunes in the original!

The level pack will be released as a standalone product, so that it can be enjoyed by itself, or as a companion to the first game.

In addition, we'll be replacing the 2nd player character (previously Girdle Turtle) with another character from the extensive roster of the iPhone version, to give someone else a chance to shine in full HD glory!  And guess what?  We're letting you, the fans, choose who it's gonna be!

Allow us to  introduce you to the contenders:

Which turtle should appear in the new standalone Level Pack for Hurdle Turtle?

Voting ends at 7pm this Sunday, we'll be putting the new Turtle into the game at that point.  Happy voting!

Oh, and if nobody votes, you're gonna get this guy:

You have been warned.


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