Friday, October 22, 2010

Hurdle Turtle World Champion!

OK, there's people with mad skillz... and then there's this guy.

James Noyd took my shameful high score of 318m and just DESTROYED it.  And let's keep in mind that I made this game!  After playing daily for about a week, he scored a whopping 822m at which point I let him know his score was so awesome, he had won the prize of a free redemption code for the Xbox version!  I then asked him to get a video so I could see the master in action. During recording of the video, he made his old score look like beans with the new (it's gotta be unbeatable!) score of 1211m!

When I set up the biggest medal of the game to be earned at 300m, I thought it might be a bit too challenging.. and for most, it is!  But not for James (or Duodenum88 as he's known on Newgrounds).

To see his mastery (he makes it look easy but try it yourself.. it ain't!), check out the Youtube video, wherein he lasted so long, he had to split the thing into two parts because of Youtube's video time limit!

Part I:  It's fun to see how he gets started.. by the end of the first half, he's already beaten me by a long ways.

Part II:  This is where it gets nuts, seems like he could do this with his eyes closed!

James, I tip my hat to you.. for you are the Hurdle Turtle Master.


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