Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bit of War - Back in Production!

After a short .. 2 year long.. hiatus, we've officially resumed our efforts on Bit of War!  Re-inspired by Eric Ruth's Left 4 Dead demake, and excited by the Pandora's Box that will soon arrive on my porch, the time feels right to reignite the flames that fuel this project.

I've been tinkering with Game Maker 8 and GML, and it seems like the right fit for this project.  I've ported over most of what I had in place on the flash version, with a couple of improvements.  First, I was able to use the native midi files for the background music rather than the mp3 versions I had in flash, which significantly reduces the size of the executable.

The second improvment is that this side-scroller now actually scrolls!  No more screen by screen level progression!

I've also found that using Game Maker has significantly sped up production, which is great, since I'm going to have 3 little sets of feet pitter-pattering around soon, and probably not a whole lot of free time. ;)

The only drawback is, of course, that the public won't be able to play the builds as development moves along, but hey - you can keep checking back here to see what's new!

The project is currently slated for a release date of sometime before Duke Nukem Forever.

I'll have more for you real soon!


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