Friday, April 11, 2008

Bit of War Dev Journal - April 11, 2008

This being the first entry in our development journal blog, I suppose I should explain my intentions here. I'm going to be updating this blog as much as possible with the progress of our current project, "Bit of War". That's just a codename for now; it's a "betwee-quel" for God of War and God of War II. A fan game, as we're not affiliated in any way with Sony or Ready at Dawn, we've chosen (after a few other style prototypes) to go with an 8-bit NES look, keepin' it oldskool.

Currently, I'm working on getting Kratos' movement down, and building in Wii browser/remote compatibility with the help of the Wiimote API (a truly wonderful thing).

Tonight I'm pulling an all-nighter (or a most-nighter anyway) reading up on tile-based platform techniques and trying to get a basic tile map down with some collision detection. Once we have that and the movement, then it's on to level building, enemies and detailed story writing.

The story, by the way, is being handled by a very talented writer who just happens to be my brother as well - goes by the name "The Timm". I'm Holmfry. Welcome to our blog!

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